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Personal Training & Nutrition Consultations

Personal Training Fees

Members only

1 - Hour Training $55.00/hour
5,1 - Hour Trainings $250.00
10, 1 - Hour Trainings $525.00

*All personal training fees include a nutrition consultation with a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist. If you would like an individualized, daily nutrition plan, there is a $99.00 additional fee.

Nutrition Consultation $20.00

Each nutrition consultation will be one-on-one with a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist and take about 30 minutes. The nutrition consult is aimed to help members begin health eating habits and adjust their lifestyle according to meeting their nutrition/diet goals. Fitness goals and barriers to meeting these goals will also be addressed during a consultation.

Nutrition Plan $99.00

Sit down with a personal trainer and Nutritionist to create a healthy lifestyle change that will work for you. All nutrition plans are designed according to each individual’s needs and are broken up with daily nutrition guidelines to help you make the right choices all day and all week long! Nutrition plans are not diets, but they guide you in your daily food choices to prepare you for a complete lifestyle change.

Nutrition plans consist of real foods that can purchased at any grocery store. Your nutrition plan will tell you what foods to eat, how often to eat them, serving size and portion control tips, and also a list of what foods to avoid.

A specific nutrition plan combined with personal training is the first step to getting healthy and feeling energized. Inquire at the Courtesy Desk today!


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