Fitness Instructor Bios


Kim Ravenelle

Kim Ravenelle has been teaching fitness classes at the Smithfield Y for about 18 years. She started as a member at the Y taking group fitness classes when her children were young and enjoyed the classes so much that she decided to get certified and become an instructor. She has taught cardio kickboxing, pilates, interval training and body sculpt in the past and is currently teaching HIIT Tabata and Total Body Strength.

Health and Wellness has always been an integral part of Kim’s daily life.  Recently she became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. This was always a dream of hers as she loves to share her passion for fitness with others. She designs personalized fitness programs to meet the needs of her individual clients. You’ll also find her training members on the Strive machines in our fitness center.

Kim is a firm believer that cross training is the best way to meet your fitness goals. She ensures a balance of cardio, strength and stretch in her workouts. Come and check out one of Kim’s classes or schedule a one-on-one training session with her. Regular exercise not only improves your physical health, it also improves your mind, mood and attitude. With motivation and discipline fitness can be your passion too!

Cheryl Felber

Cheryl has been teaching Pilates for almost 15 years at the Smithfield YMCA.  Cheryl’s classes have grown over the years and they include not only working out, but FUN!  Cheryl believes that fitness should always be fun, so why not get fit and have fun all at the same time! Try one of Cheryl’s Pilates classes and you will definitely have fun, enjoy plenty of laughs and feel refreshed upon completion.

Nancy Crowell

Nancy has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Health and a Minor in Dance and a Concentration in Adaptive Physical Education from Rhode Island College.  She also has a Master’s Degree in Health Education from Rhode Island College, 1994.  IFor the past 30 years, Nancy has been a PE and Health and APE teacher for the North Smithfield School system, teaching grades preschool through grade six.  Nancy is soon to be retired from her full-time career in June 2020.

Nancy teaches has been teaching Essentrics at the Smithfield Y for a little over a year.  Nancy learned about Essentrics by seeing a commercial on TV and immediately ordered a set of DVDs and began the program, 2 years ago.  Nancy thoroughly enjoys Essentrics and it has helped her with the tightness and aches and pains.  Training began for Level One in September of 2017,  and she was officially certified in April of 2018.  She then completed her Level II training in December of 2018.  In July, Nancy attended the Level III Training and is working on her Certification for Level III.  Nancy absolutely loves teaching Essentrics and the wonderful people at the Smithfield Y.

Anita Bevans

Anita is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level through Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500) and Certified by Integrative Yoga Therapy as a E-RYT500 and as a C-IAYT 1000 with The International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has taken certified classes for teaching Adaptive Yoga to those with MS, Heart Disease and Cancer. Is a certified Kripalu DansKinetics® Teacher (Yoga Dance) and has completed training’s in iRest® for working with those who have PTSD, insomnia, stress and anxiety inherent in our modern lifestyles. She continues to deepen her practice and teaching by exploring Somatics, Positional Therapy and other types of Yoga such as Bikram and Lyengar.

Anita’s classes are for everyone and everyBody and welcomes students with physical challenges and those who would like to challenge their preconceived notions of what they can or cannot do. Props and modifications are used as needed. She likes to share her belief that the physical body is meant to be active in order to maintain optimal  health and that Yoga can be used as a tool to soften the aging process and aid in recovery from injury both physical and emotional. The intentions within her classes are to share her knowledge of joyous and guided mindful movement while supporting others in connecting to and rekindling the joy within. Along the way we will find strength, stability and increasing flexibility both mind and body.

Anita Bevans C-IAYT 1000


Integrative Yoga Therapy

iRest Yoga Nidra Level II

Integrated Positional Therapy

Teri Gordon

Teri’s Yoga training includes certifications from Eyes of the World and Yatosha Yoga. In 15 years of teaching, Teri has taught different types of Yoga including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yoga for Athletes, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Equestrians, Restorative Yoga, and private Yoga sessions.

Teri is also a certified Weight Management Specialist through NESTA. Her training includes implementing weight loss programs, setting achievable goals, implementing physical activity plans, and weight loss/lifestyle coaching.

In addition to instructing Yoga classes and running Weight Management programs, Teri is currently training in Essentrics and will begin teaching very soon!

Teri has been teaching classes at the Smithfield YMCA for two years including Vinyasa Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga Stretch and Strengthen, and Meditation.  In addition to instructing Wellness Classes at the Y, Teri works at the Y’s Courtesy Desk as well.  Stop by and say hi and Teri is always willing to share her knowledge.

Toni Jenkins

Toni began her journey as a group fitness instructor back in 1993 right here at the Smithfield YMCA.  She has 27 years of experience teaching group fitness classes at the YMCA.  Over the years she has taught and been certified in many different types of fitness classes including, aerobics, step aerobics, pilates, circuit training, boot camp, and cardio kickboxing. She has been certified in personal training and is also certified to train members on the Strive circuit and on the Queenax multi functional trainer. She served as the Health and Wellness Coordinator here at the Smithfield YMCA in orevious years.  Toni is also certified as a Diabetes Prevention Program instructor and as a Chronic Disease Self Managment Program instructor and has taught both classes here at the YMCA over the past few years.  She has a passion for sharing her fitness and nutritional knowledge with others and motivating others to live a healthy lifestyle.

Pam Collins

Pam Collins has always been interested in health and well-being.  Pam’s quest was to achieve whole-body balance, of the mind, body and spirit.  Pam began taking Essentrics classes and realized that she had found the answer to her quest!  Not only did she find her answer, but she found the Fountain of Youth.  The dynamic combination of stretching and strengthening in the Essentrics class is energizing, rejuvenating and balances the whole-body.

The amazing Smithfield Y members that have shared their passion for the Essentrics Program have created a community committed to well-being, while they age backwards!  Pam became an Essentrics Level 1 instructor in April 2020 and loves teaching and sharing the benefits of this program with others!


Diane Pezza         

Diane has been interested in whole-body health since she was a teenager.  Diane has been a Registered Licensed Dietician for over 40 years and is highly respected by her peers.  Her many accomplishments include Dietician of the Year by the RI Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (RIAND) and Diabetes Educator of the Year by the Certified Diabetes Outpatient Educator (CDOE).  She has also a founding partner of Diabetes Education Partners (DEP) a nonprofit organization committed to providing diabetes education to persons with diabetes.

Diane’s passion for wellness led her as a long-time student of yoga.  Diane started at the Smithfield YMCA in 2007 when she was asked to substitute teach for a yoga class.  The request sparked a desire to “make it official” and become a 200-hour Kripalu Registered Yoga Instructor in 2008.  Diane taught two classes a week at the Smithfield Y from 2007 – 2015 and she taught for two years at a privately owned yoga studio.  Paddleboard Yoga (yes, in the water on a paddleboard)is one of Diane’s favorite summer and fall pastimes as well as hiking, biking and pickleball!  Ask Diane about PICKLEBALL!

Diane’s passion for health and nutrition led her to a career in the same field, until she recently retired from Rhode Island Hospital after many years of service and helping others.  The Smithfield YMCA is honored to have Diane return to offer meaningful, fun, educational experiences to help others improve their health and well-being through yoga classes and nutrition education.