All Membership and Program Sales are final. Bank Draft Memberships DO NOT expire at the end of one year. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must turn in your membership cards and complete a Bank Draft Cancellation Form at the Courtesy Desk or mail or fax a letter.

If your annual membership lapses for more than 30 days, you must re-pay the Joiners Fee. Before using the STRIVE Equipment, all members are required to schedule an orientation & pay a $10 fee upon scheduling.

Ages 12 – 14 must complete a 6-week STRIVE Program. Ages 15 and up only need a STRIVE orientation.

National Reciprocity

Your Smithfield YMCA Membership can be used at any Y from Massachusetts to Colorado. On your first visit to a reciprocal Y bring your photo ID and your Smithfield Y Membership card with you!  Some Y’s may have restrictions, please call ahead.

*All memberships taken out through an insurance program are NOT eligible for Nationwide Membership.

**Many Y’s are restricting Reciprocal use during the COVID pandemic.   Please be sure to call ahead.

Insurance Benefit For Members

Many insurance providers offer free memberships for Medicare supplement insurers. The Y offers Silver & Fit and Silver Sneakers through various insurance companies that participate. Ask your insurance provider if you are eligible or stop by the Courtesy Desk with your health insurance card and we are happy to help!
*All memberships taken out through an insurance program are NOT eligible for Nationwide Membership.

Program Participant Card

Program Participants will be given program cards at the Courtesy Desk to show that they have checked in and are paid in full. Please give your program card to your instructor/teacher at the beginning of class.

Member ID Cards

Members must leave their YMCA ID at the Courtesy Desk every visit.  If you lose your card, you will get 1 replacement card for free. Subsequent replacement cards are a $5 fee.

Guest Passes

The purpose of our guest pass policy is to enhance member service to current members who are encouraging a friend to join or have an out of town visitor. Each membership is allotted 3 guest passes per year. Guests are limited to 3 visits per year. After that, we encourage guests to take out their own Y membership.

Day Passes

Non-Members are guests at the Smithfield YMCA and have limited access to Y facilities. Day passes can be purchased at the Courtesy Desk with a valid photo ID. If a photo ID is not present, the Y has the right to refuse entry. A Waiver of Liability must also be signed at the time of payment. Children must be at least 14 years old to purchases a day pass. All day passes are $15 each, per day.

Program Credits & Refunds

There are no refunds on programs unless the YMCA cancels the program. Voluntary withdrawal from a program will result in a program credit ONLY. There are no refunds or program credits for swim lessons that are cancelled due to poor weather (thunder and lightning). If possible, contact the Aquatic Director to schedule a make-up class.

Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer-based organization, the YMCA thrives on people helping people. The act of sharing, teaching, giving and working with others can bring new meaning to your life. For more information on volunteering please contact Shauna at 401-949-2480 x102.

Smoking Policy

The YMCA and all adjacent grounds have a NO Smoking Policy.

Smithfield YMCA Membership Fees

Membership Joiners Fee Monthly Bank Draft
(Under 18)
$25.00 $18.00
Young Adult
(18 – 25)
$25.00 $28.00
Adult $25.00 $33.00
Couple $25.00 $49.00
(62 & Up)
$25.00 $28.00
Senior Couple
(62 & Up)
$25.00 $42.00
One Adult Family $25.00 $44.00
(2 adults & any children under 18)
$25.00 $55.00

*One Adult Family is 1 adult and any children under the age of 18 that live in the same household

*A Family Membership is 2 Adults and any children under the age of 18 that love in the same household

**Children must be at least 11 years old to utilize the Wellness Center, and must be 14 to use free weights.