Group Fitness Schedule

*Pre-Registration is REQUIRED for all Fitness Classes.

Click the link below or contact the Courtesy Desk at 949-2480 ext. 100 to register beginning 48 hours prior to class start time.

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Fitness Class Descriptions

Bands and Bells
Bands and Bells uses resistance bands, dumbbells and kettle bells to build lean muscle, burn body fat and give you an all-around effective workout. This class will challenge you while making you leaner and stronger!
Cardio Kick Boxing
Cardio Kick Boxing is a high intensity workout utilizing all the major muscle groups to effectively burn calories,
build muscle and strengthen your core.
Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga This class takes place sitting on a chair and standing with a chair for support. Stretch, strengthen, and improve balance in this chair yoga class for all abilities.
Find Your Fit
Find Your Fit is an intense workout that incorporates cardio & weight training. Lunge, lift and squat your way to a new you!
Fluid Fitness
Fluid Fitness is a low impact, high intensity water aerobics class – perfect for all fitness levels. Water barbells and aqua-therapy bands are combined with cardio for a complete body workout! Our instructor Torie, ROCKS!
Gental Yoga
Gentle Yoga Unwind, absorb the gentle yoga music and stretch your muscles while strengthening your core. All poses can be modified for all abilities.
Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga Warm up with gentle breathing, stretching and centering exercises, followed by flowing postures.
Class ends with a final relaxation and meditation. Appropriate for all levels.
Interval Training/Core Focus
Interval Training/Core Focus is a fast-paced class that includes high and low cardio intervals combined with kick box moves to tone and maximize burning fat and calories. Twenty minutes at the end of class will focus just on the core. Come sweat with Kim!
Meditation Group
Meditation Group This class explores different types of meditation and mindfulness. Helps to reduce stress,
anxiety and brings a sense of wellbeing. Beginners welcome!
Muscle Sculpt
Muscle Sculpt combines kick box moves with weights for added resistance & muscle sculpting. This high paced class can be modified for a all fitness levels.
Senior Splash
Senior Splash This low impact water aerobics class improves cardio fitness & is great for circulation, building bone density and improving balance. Come hang out at the pool, meet friends and get your daily exercise in!
Strengthen & Stretch for Older Active Adults
Strengthen & Stretch for Older Active Adults is a moderate cardio class that focuses on stretching, is combined with light weights for a full body workout for all ability levels. Get your morning started right and meet friends. This class is great for older active adults and seniors!
Pilates/Pilates on the Ball
Pilates/Pilates on the Ball emphasizes balance development through core strength and flexibility. Bring a balance ball to Pilates on the Ball class (The Y has balls available if you need one) for a total body workout.
Power Burn
Power Burn is a cardio and strength training class that burns calories while toning & sculpting your body using
various hand weights and cardio.
Water Works
Water Works This is a low impact class in the pool for all fitness levels. Get your heart pumping & your muscles
moving for a complete workout.
Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga This class uses stretching and flowing postures to build strength, flexibility and balance. Ends with relaxation. Good for all fitness levels.
Zumba Party
Zumba Party Come have fun dancing and exercising to Latin Zumba tunes. Bring a friend and have some fun!